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QuteCom Portable

softphone, audio and video chat

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Version 2.2.1 Rev 2 for Windows, Multilingual
22MB download / 65MB installed
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QuteCom is a free SIP-compliant Voice over IP softphone. It can be used for audio and video chats with other SIP clients and even call landlines using a SIP provider. It also supports chatting on XMPP. It is provider agnostic so you can choose your own SIP provider.

App Notes

The publisher is no longer online and this app is no longer updated.

Download Details

Open Source Initiative Approved License
  • Publisher: QuteCom Team &
  • Date Updated: 2013-07-04
  • Date Added: 2011-03-10
  • System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • App License: Open Source (GPL)
  • Source: QuteCom, Launcher, Installer
  • SHA256 Hash: 766d43f844cdf8f12095c4284442ffbfc5dc359b64ba4a593f8e29d42e2694d1