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Getting Warning message when opening Platform. Want to get rid of it.

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Getting Warning message when opening Platform. Want to get rid of it.

I am new to this. I installed the Portable Apps Platform on my USB and installed about a dozen programs I use, also on the USB, from within the platform program by placing checks in the boxes. They seem to all have installed properly and open just fine.

But every time I open the Platform program by clicking on start.exe (I believe that is its name), I get a Warning message which says that my autorun file has been changed by possible malware, so I should run an AV program. I ran the Clam Av and other AV programs I have (Malwarebytes, etc.) and there are no infections.

I would like to get rid of the Warning message, which appears every time I open the Platform. Please tell me what I should do.


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One fix?

Open the autorun.inf file as a text file or via something like Notepad+++


Is what is should say in it. If not you can change to that. and save but make sure you save it back as autorun,inf

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Platform's Autorun modification setting

This is due to the platform's built-in autorun modification check. You can disable it by following the instructions listed here under the heading "Autorun Modification Detection"

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