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problem with ARCHIVE FOLDER completely crazy

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problem with ARCHIVE FOLDER completely crazy

Hi. I'm using version 45.2.0 of Thunderbird for Portable Apps. I began a long discussion at mozilla support but nothing where solved. The last post suggest me to look here for help.

So I'm doing this. I just copy/paste the first post in that FORUM, and after this I will offer the link to the mozilla discussion. There you can find a lot of images that explain what are happening.

As nobody can explain what is happening, I would change my submition and ask simply for explanation how I shall proceed to reinstall a Thunderbird version and import all my settings, plugins, accounts and so on to the new Portable instalation.

Otherwise, if it's easy to solve this issue with a simple action, so I won't waste my time making all this procedure of reinstalation and so on...

The first post PASTED below:
The messages into folder for Archive old messages in my Thunderbird looks like the attached [link below] image. In addition, all messages into folders that I drag into this folder, disappear. The folder and subfolders looks empty.

I really don't know what I can do. I tried to delete all traces of this Archive folder into the instalation path using File Explorer, and nothing happens.

I use the Portable edition, version 45.2.0

I appreciate any help.

link for the image:


Thanks for any help!


Gord Caswell
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Re-run the Installer

Re-run the Thunderbird installer:

Note, however, that I suspect this is not a problem with the launcher itself, but rather with your Thunderbird profile itself.

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Me to...

Yes, Caswell, me too! That's the reason I'm asking help to know what is the best workflow to backup all settings, plugins, emails, folder structure, colors, downloads and so on... and save this all in my hard disk. After this, what is the way to restore everything again into a fresh Portable Thunderbird instalation. Does someone know how to proceed? Thanks a lot.

- Walter Tabax
- Sao Paulo / SP
- brasil

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copy profile

in such cases, simply copy the profile to some safe place. You can copy it back any time.
This is how I do it frequently.
Sometimes, some extensions work only half after that, but you can then 'reinstall' them.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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