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Fidelity ATP , I have a 'Just works' version I made

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Fidelity ATP , I have a 'Just works' version I made

Fidelity Investments has trading software called Fidelity ATP. It is coded in .net. I managed to grab the installation files it downloads before installing and deleting these temporary files. The installed program is not portable but the installation files conveniently are and are all in 1 directory (ready to go). Works perfectly except in Help-About the version number is blank.

The program is about 34MB compressed into a .7z archive. About 130MB uncompressed. Happy to give a link to it on a file site upon request for you to add to this site or simply keep on this forum. EDIT: Well why not, it's here
EDIT: Not anymore, admin removed.
The software is free to download, anyone can google 'Fidelity atp' and click the download button on their site and have it installed. However to use it, you have to have an account and a certain # of trades to be eligible.

Another benefit of this is in case Fidelity makes a change to the program that I and many others don't like, this is a way to keep stock trading with the older version of the software.