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cooperation and Deluge torrent client

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cooperation and Deluge torrent client

I just learned that uTorrent was mining bitcoin on users' computers, so I was looking for a replacement. One is Deluge, and (removed) is providing a proper formatted version of it, among other apps.

(removed) says:

"We believe that free/open source software is enough, we don't need pirated softwares on Windows. But most of these aren't portables, or provided by due to .NET dependencies, 64-bit etc. So we provide what's missing here.

Software publisher who wishes their portablized software taken down, can tip us through (removed). We promise to take it down without questions, but please be patient—we might not be able to respond promptly, but we eventually *will* ...thanks for your patience, and sorry for being such a #naughty uploader ;)"

I'm not sure about my .NET version, I'm sure about my 32-bit Windows, so, in the case of Deluge, I'm not sure to which parameter it currently does not pass to be featured here.

Years ago it has been mentioned on the forum, I wonder if things has possible changed. John, do you see a possibility for cooperation with them, some, if not all their apps might apply here as well? If nothing else, at least there could be A) and B) PortableApps, A) fullfilling all the strictest criteria, while B) might pass only more loosely defied criteria (like 64-bit and .NET is allowed). (removed) is already doing the heavy lifting of adding their apps, at least, the user could launch and easily update them from a single launcher.

Sure, they have many new browsers, some people don't want that many, while others just can't get enough of them. Smile

[mentions of an illegal software site removed by mod JTH]

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Illegal Software Site

The referenced site packages numerous software items in violation of the software's EULA (aka copyright infringement) as well as hosting closed source software on SourceForge in violation of the terms of service. Chrome, Skype, XnConvert, Vivaldi, Free Download Manager 5.x, etc are all illegally packaged and that's just scanning through the first handful of apps I see. Last I'd checked, many of the apps there were not properly portable either (didn't use the Data directory for storage, left things behind on the PC, etc). So, they break on updates and leave data behind on your PC. Remember, just because it's packaged as a PAF doesn't mean anything about portability if they're using our format illegally (packaging closed source software without permission, packaging apps in violation of the license, packaging apps that aren't actually portable... all of these are prohibited uses). This site is aware that they are packaging software illegally, hence the 'contact us to remove things' line right up front.

Just packaging an app isn't the heavy lifting. That's the easy part. The heavy lifting is ensuring the app properly follows the PAF spec and user Data is only contained in Data, that it doesn't leave anything behind on the local PC, that it properly portablizes paths so stuff doesn't break as you move, that it can be automatically upgraded without issue, that the EULA is followed and permission is gained from the publisher, etc.

As for 64-bit apps, we do that when it's worth it. It usually isn't as 64-bit apps are often a bit slower. And the idea that there are a bunch of 64-bit only apps we're missing out on is a myth.

As for .NET apps, we'll do that shortly.

As for browsers, we won't be releasing browsers with known security vulnerabilities that no one should be using. It's irresponsible.

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Long due answer here. John,

Long due answer here. John, you stated the site I referenced here does not respect EULAs. That may be true, but here is what I think of the situation: how about you, as the founder of, instead of just stating the obvious here on your own forum, that the other site's developers do not respect software EULAs would reach out to them in a friendly way and instead of seeing them as annoyance, see them as an asset who, with a little education on your way of doing business/approaching software to make portable, could help you on your quest of making software portable while staying legal. In a nutshell, you could make them allies. Of course, as a beginner lurker here, I could reach out to them as well, but you as the founder here, I'm sure you could provide them much better arguments.

Speaking of spreading your resources better. Just a quick message to them from you personally instead of posting about the issue here. I mean, the person behind said website may have all the good intentions, he or she just may not be aware of the rules. My 2 cents; this is a possibility. Thanks for your work! Wink

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