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Recent Firefox version not using Portable fonts feature

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Samuel Elstein
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Recent Firefox version not using Portable fonts feature

Ever since Firefox included the colored emoji font “EmojiOne Mozilla” in recent releases, It no longer loads the fonts in “X:/PortableApps/” folder (where “X” is drive letter). This is inconvenient as I set the default fonts for Firefox for those fonts in past versions.

In order to use fonts, I must have a copy of said fonts in “X:PortableApps/FirefoxPortable/App/firefox/fonts/” if launching 32-bit version and in “X:PortableApps/FirefoxPortable/App/firefox64/fonts/” if launching 64-bit version. The fact that 2 copies of same fonts in both locations is needed for dual 32-bit and 64-bit support seems redundant.

I know various portable apps here have there own font folders for fonts as well as loading ones from the more “global” fonts folder. I simply would like for this feature to be restored in Firefox portable.

I should also point out that certain fonts placed in these Firefox app folders override EmojiOne font as font used to render emojis, even if font does not support emojis. So the emoji might not even render as if there were no fonts for it. (Would add example emoji, but for some reason would not let me post this with the character included in text Apparently can only add emoji to post as HTML numeric character references) This makes it frustrating to add certain custom fonts for textual characters for serif, sans-serif, and monospace defaults. Not sure how difficult that would be to fix, but I thought I should mention that fact.

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Thanks, and love and appreciate all the hard work you guys do.

John T. Haller
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Platform vs Firefox

The platform loads any fonts within its platform fonts directory into Windows via a standard API call. Proper Windows apps should use fonts from that list. It would appear that Firefox may not respect these for some reason. This should be reported to Mozilla as a bug.

As for the Firefox fonts directories, I'm unsure if these are supposed to be available for end user use.

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