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New Software

would like, Dashlane a password manager software

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re: Dashlane password manager?

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The UI for KeePass is

The UI for KeePass is outdated, it's not a smooth user experience. That may not be important from a tech perspective but as a user it's the what everyone is touching. Dashlane has additional features that KeePass lacks, Auto Login being the most important (to me).

Dashlane has
- Security score dashboard, generates report of password strength
- Reports old, duplicate, compromised, or weak passwords
- Two-factor authentication
- Tile layout, smoother UI
- Change password feature (allows user to change all saved passwords at once)

It would be great to have Dashlane ported to run on PortableApps

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Probably won't happen

I couldn't find it on the official site, but according to it has a closed source license. You'd need to contact the developer and get permission to create a portableapps version.

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