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Packages just with 32 and 64 bit files

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Packages just with 32 and 64 bit files

Hi guys, thanks by make PortableApps, is really great.

Why was created an package with both 32 and 64 bit files instead two packages for 32 and 64 bit respectively?, I know is simpler to share, but I don't need 64bit files, just 32bit. If I delete 64bit folder, although all works, I have an alert first.

I need Firefox 52.3.0 ESR with just 32bit files, without alerts please haha.


Gord Caswell
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Automatic switching

One of the main reasons is to ensure automatic switching for the appropriate architecture, rather than users asking "why doesn't my app work?" when they unknowingly switch architectures on a new machine.

Here's our current comments on how 64-bit software works here:

As all editions of Firefox, Portable Edition are released as dual 32/64 bit applications, we will not be reverting to releasing only a 32-bit version, nor will we be releasing a 64-bit version only at any time.

Note that the only official release we have available as a 64-bit only application is Google Chrome Portable, and it is a test version prior to releasing a dual 32/64 bit application, at which time the 64-bit only version will be retired.

[EDIT] As you've noted, it is possible to delete the 64-bit files if you prefer, or alternatively use >a href="">this method to run always in 32-bit mode.

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