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Hi Having a few issues with DSynchronize as its stop loading after installing the latest version of the update. i have contacted the application author who has informed me that the portable app version is a mod mod version is this correct?
The author has also suggested that the version on the page may not be the true version number released how can this be? any advice would be helpful.

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The app itself is unmodified. It's just package in Format to ensure it runs the same as all other apps, is easily backed up, etc. DSynchronize Portable 2.34.1 included an unaltered version of DSynchonize 2.34.1 within it. If it's not starting and not showing you an error, you can run DSynchronizePortable\App\DSynchronize\DSynchronize.exe directly. This will run it in portable mode with the settings alongside it instead of within the Data directory but show you any errors.

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re: mod version

I'm not sure why Dimio would resist addressing issues with the PA version, but it is possible to just download the program from the homepage. It's natively portable (meaning there's no installer and it saves settings tot he local folder) but you'll miss out on automatic updates that the PA platform enables.

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