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Force ASLR breaks portableapps

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Force ASLR breaks portableapps

There was a news article that ASLR is not used correctly in Windows 8 and 10, and to have ASLR you have to Force ASLR for all .exe's. - Forcing ASLR breaks all portableapps apps causing them not to run with error code 7B. The apps work if I download them from their web sites and run without portableapps. It might be worth looking at and fixing considering the problem Windows 8 and 10 have, as right now you have to choose between running securely *or* using portableapps, you can't have both afaik. (I searched and saw other topics on ASLR but this seemed to warrant a separate thread.)

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The problem can be easy

The problem can be easy solved by enabling ASLR in all's executables.

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I applied the ASLR registry

I applied the ASLR registry hack to two Win10 laptops and it had absolutely no effect on any of my portable applications.

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I can confirm this problem. I applied the registry modification ( and all except a few portable apps (Firefox, Chrome) failed with error code 0xc000007b. The apps that work seem to have been built with a newer version of NSIS (3.x), according to their embedded manifests.

Undoing the registry patch solved the problem for me after a reboot.

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John T. Haller has confirmed the problem in this thread.
So we'll have to wait until all apps have been rebuilt with PAL 3.x.

Unfortunately, this problem also hits other, non-PAF, programs as well (e.g. integrated older Java-Launchers). So I'll just have to turn off Force-ASLR for now.

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FYI, workaround example:

FYI, workaround example:

  1. Search in Windows for: "windows defender Security Center"
  2. Click on the second icon from the bottom: "App & browser control"
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click on: "Exploit protection settings"
  4. Click Program settings and then the "Add program to customize" button
  5. Click Choose exact file path
  6. Pick ExampleApp.exe - Pick the app crashing
  7. Scroll down to: Force randomization for images (mandatory ASLR)
  8. Check: "Override system settings" and se t to "Off" and click Apply

Do the same for all exes effected.

No more crashing. Smile



God Bless America

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scripted solution

Hi, I posted this reply on another topic:

This way you don't have to change each application's settings. Wink

While most apps are not recompiled to NSIS 3, running this command on a elevated PowerShell windows will allow you to run most applications:

ForEach ($filename in (Get-ChildItem -Filter "Portable.exe" C:\PortableApps\*\*).FullName) { Set-ProcessMitigation -Disable ForceRelocateImages -Name $filename }
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