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Sticky Notes Software

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Sticky Notes Software

It will be misaligned if it is pasted by hand.

It looks like the following. The paper is A4.

As applications
· Be free
· What can be used on Windows
· There must be several different sizes. Currently using 4 types
· Be able to start up with USB or boot from PC
· Easy to use

Please provide information above

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I need an app that could be something like Simple Sticky Notes. Previously, had experience with NoteZilla for Windows, but looking for something more business-like. Can you suggest some free portable apps? Thanks.

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Stickies is Best

In my opinion Stickies is by a huge margin the best of the bunch of sticky notes software:
Home site: - this details Stickies features very well.

If you run into problems trying to run Stickes then read this webpage:

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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StickyNote Apps

Have you tried any of the three Apps that are listed in the Office Section of the Download page?

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