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PA repo local?

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PA repo local?

Hi, i'm using PA since years. I think it's the most usefull software in the Microsoft Windows world.
I'm using PA on my laptop/PC with a connection to internet (for updates etc.)

I'm working here in a school and now i'm considering, if i could install PA on my schoolPC so that the pupils could install software they need. But there are now my restrictions, i think.
all PC's here haven't i direct access to internet. Al PC are going over a proxy.
So I would set up PA to my own needs. I would have a repository with nearly most of the PA software, but in a localy repo here in my LAN on a foldershare, so the PA software is using this storage as software-repo.

Could i setup in a way like this?
Are there any informations about this?

Thanks in advance.