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Jack Audio Connection Kit

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Jack Audio Connection Kit

Please, add J.A.C.K. as a portable app.
This way, one could use eg Blender and LMMS together, just as one example.

Ken Herbert
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More information would be great

Please help us out by providing a bit more information.

Check out the request app guidelines for an indication of the kind of info that would be useful for us. We don't need all of it, especially if you don't know it, but at minimum please give us a link and a proper description of what it does.

This will help us developers know if it is something we would want to take a look at, and help us find it a whole lot easier.

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JACK Audio Connection Kit (or

JACK Audio Connection Kit (or JACK) is a professional sound server API and pair of daemon implementations to provide real-time, low-latency connections for ...

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