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sPortable Dev Test 1 (portable launcher for Skype)

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John T. Haller
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sPortable Dev Test 1 (portable launcher for Skype)

The current sPortable release is for Skype Classic 7.x which has now been deprecated by Microsoft. This updated release aims to update sPortable to the new Skype for Desktop 8.x series. I don't think your existing settings will be used.

Download sPortable Dev Test 1
1+60MB download / 180MB installed
MD5: a9f089ad13d18b4ca826c347e8b40052

Release History:
2018-03-05: Dev Test 1 Initial Release

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Wrong URL

The current version from DownloadURL= is Skype- but in installer.ini it is Skype- and it can not be controlled. If you change the DownloadURL to you can control the downloaded version.

please, excuse my bad english

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