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Portable App Creator

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Portable App Creator

I've seen this link:

It refer to this one:

Is possible resume this project?
It works only on 32 bit systems, and now Windows is 64 bit...
It's very easy install a program and have a program that portabilize it for you!

Why is it abandoned?

Gord Caswell
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The project you're referring to was never an officially released application, and the developer that was working on it hasn't been seen here for over 6 years.

While it would be nice to have something that could make an application portable with "one click", in reality each application is different from the next, many significantly so, and require individualized attention to ensure nothing gets missed.

With that said, once an application is portable, it's trivial (barring major changes in the application) to update it from version to version.

Feel free to pick up the project if you're interested in keeping it up, and good luck if you do so!

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Hi, Gaber. You can choose any

Hi, Gaber. You can choose any other portable app maker:

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I have make it work


I used, enhanced PAC (Portable App Creator). It is based on Autoit language.
It allows me to create Portable App. I you are still interested I can provide it to you.
You cna imaging it commes with no warranties.



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What does Portable App

Can you please describe in more detail what is Portable App Creator? By profession, I am engaged in website development. My main task is frontend, that is, I do the design and appearance of the site. I have never been involved in creating applications, but my brother, in turn, is an application developer. As far as I know, he makes applications to order, although there have been very few orders lately. While there are no orders, my brother makes his own apps. At the moment, my brother is trying to make an application with which you can create your own applications without any knowledge of programming languages. Of course, services like flipabit have already been able to implement such an application, but my brother still does not give up. So is Portable App Creator this type of app?

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