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Adding FreeDoom to the suite?

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Adding FreeDoom to the suite?

I think this would be a great addition to the selection of games on offer from PortableApps. I understand that we do have a few first-person shooters in the list already, but for something with linear gameplay as opposed to multiplayer focused, I think this ticks a lot of the boxes. The only issue is implementation as it needs either DosBox or some source port to run normally. What does everyone think? Has it been proposed previously?

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DOSBOX plus games

I think the problem here is that there's no one-size-fits-all DosBox install that works for every system, meaning you could download DosBox Portable ( for freeware games the way you run jPortable ( for Java applications. for example has a long list of old DOS tools and games available through the browser, but there are a fair number of minor issues with each title where the browser doesn't emulate quite right or the host system is too fast to run the program correctly.

It's a great idea and maybe if someone could work out the bugs, it would be an excellent addition.

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FreeDoom is a file

Sorry to tell you this but the game FreeDoom is just a WAD file. you need a launcher to play it. Try gzdoom or zdoom. (download link is at the software seems to be portable; so you could in theory place it (as well as the freedoom or any doom wads)in the program directory in your Portable apps drive.

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