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Feature Request - Hide Apps

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Feature Request - Hide Apps


I don't know if this has been requested previously but when I am using non-PA.c application, often they have multiple entries; which aren't relevant to the main programs' operation, e.g. ImageMagick so could it would be great if the Developer(s) could implement a feature such as this for convenience.

Also, I may have mentioned before but it would also be nice to suppress updating of specified little-used programs and have an option that when opened it will search for updates; that way I don't have to remove them (apps) entirely but otherwise a great effort ongoing.


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Right-Click to Hide

You can hide any detected apps in the platform by right-clicking and selecting Hide.

You can disable updating of an app by renaming its directory to something else. Think AppNamePortableDontUpdate. Renaming it back will enable it to be updated again. I'm planning to have the platform remember which apps you select not to update by unchecking them between update sessions and then not alerting when those specific apps have updates but showing them for manual updates.

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