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dashware portable

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dashware portable

dasware est une application pour afficher des gauge sur des vidéos a l'aide de fichier Gps

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DashWare is a tool to help take GPS metadata from a video and create an overlay with physical details. It might be a little specialized for the kind of thing that PortableApps tends to focus on. Still its a pretty cool I'm glad to see available as freeware.

"We built DashWare because we wanted to answer our friends’ and family’s questions before they asked. How fast were you going? How high was that? Were you braking or accelerating into that turn."

I couldn't find anything in the release notes in terms of where settings are saved, but I'd be surprised if this were natively portable.

License: a fairly long EULA that may have some restrictive elements. I only caught one that might be an issue: " For User Videos that utilize musical content supplied by the Software, you may create, display and distribute your User Videos through social media sites and other Internet websites, for non-commercial purposes only. "

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