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Encouraging non-technical users

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Encouraging non-technical users

I am working with a volunteer organization that makes available a work area with 20 PCs for seniors, mostly with limited technical skills. Some of our regular users have given up their own machines in favor of this public access, but cannot save preferences, passwords, etc.
Can I encourage SAFE use of these programs to our governing board? Beyond the information on Wikipedia or this website how can I educate this conservative group? i.e. are there librarians who work with PortableApps?
Is there anyone who can connect with this board here in MD?

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Lately, I've been working

Lately, I've been working with the Librarians Community (Tempe, AZ) and we encouraged PC users to use the password management KeePass from the PortableApps. In other cases, they'll never back up their passwords. With the initial goal for them to approach a straightforward reinforcement and reestablishment, and it has an impressive potential for wide use in non-specialized networks like librarians.

Sage KeePass Community Info PortableApps For Librarians

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