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[Bug] Foxit Reader Portable does not store created Signature

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[Bug] Foxit Reader Portable does not store created Signature

Beware if you create a signature in Foxit Reader Portable (, the signature file will be temporary created and stored in the host computer until the app closes. Signature file path: %AppData%\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\InstaSign\UserSign\

The entire %AppData%\Foxit Software folder will disappear after closing Foxit Reader Portable. Signature is not transfer to the location of the PortableApp and will not be available on re-opening the portable app.

Windows 10 64-bit Spring Update 2018
PortableApps installed into SD Card

John T. Haller
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Try This

Open up the FoxitReaderPortable.ini file within the FoxitReaderPortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher directory. Replace the existing [DirectoriesMove] and [DirectoriesCleanupIfEmpty] sections with:

SpellCheck=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF\SpellCheck
UserSign=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\InstaSign\UserSign
-=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software\Addon
-=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software\cacheData
-=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software\RMS
-=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software\CertFile
-=%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Foxit Software
-=%Public%\Foxit Software

1=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\InstaSign
2=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader
3=%APPDATA%\Foxit Software

This should preserve it as you move between computers. This may leave some things behind in %APPDATA%\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader as I haven't yet tested it.

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Last seen: 5 days 18 hours ago
Joined: 2018-07-08 18:46
Signature is saved

Thanks. It works. Signature is saved to D:\PortableApps\FoxitReaderPortable\Data\UserSign

Left behind in the host computer are:
%AppData%->Foxit Reader->>Lang
%AppData%->Foxit Reader->>UserImage
%AppData%->Foxit Reader->StartPage 9.1.0->advertisement->ad->..bmp and png files..
%AppData%->Foxit Reader->StartPage 9.1.0->advertisement->http
%AppData%->Foxit Reader->StartPage 9.1.0->advertisement->ad.db
%AppData%->Foxit Reader->StartPage 9.1.0->advertisement->
%AppData%->Foxit Reader->StartPage 9.1.0->start->en-US->..folders.and.files..

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