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Portable Firefox & 2GB flash drive

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Portable Firefox & 2GB flash drive

I'm having trouble getting the portable edition of firefox working on an additional flash drive of mine. I'm currently using the portable apps suite to manage programs, and have tried several methods of install.

1) If I try to use the portable apps menu, or simple run the .exe, the install haults at 44% and locks up.

2) If I run the .exe and install to a local directory on my hard drive and then move the FirefoxPortable directory onto my flash drive, firefox operates extremely sluggish.

I assume there is a compatibility issue present in how 2gb flash drives work?


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Some people reported larger drives to be slower than smaller ones.
Are you sure you are not using USB 1 because then youjust had to wait longer.
What do you mean with "it locks up"?

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The install holds at 44%,

The install holds at 44%, the longest I waited was about 15 minutes. I'm sure its a 2.0 device. And by lockup, I mean I attempt to cancel the install, and though I am prompted, nothing happens. I have to manually end the install process via the task manager.

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Not locked up

It's not really locked up if the light on your flash drive is still flashing. It's a 7-zip self extractor and it only responds to a cancel at specific points.

And USB 2.0 doesn't matter. What matters is how fast your device is. Devices with lower-quality controllers and flash RAM in them may say they're 2.0, but it could take 30 minutes to install the Suite to them.

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My twopenneth for what it is worth?

There are drives that have their memory space effectively doubled. I've tested my 256,516,1gb and 2gb and they are all the same speed.

I'd be interested to know more about this 'memory spacing' - look out for the cheaper flash drives from ... better not say!


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