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LO org says that LO portable can function without a launcher

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LO org says that LO portable can function without a launcher

[LibreOffice web site]( says about LibreOffice portable, that can run without the PortableApps platform.

> LibreOffice Portable ... It is packaged in format so it can work with the platform
> and its automatic updater and app store, **work with other portable menus, or work by itself from a USB**, cloud or local drive.

I thought that the portable apps launcher, is a need because aplications write some keys to windows registry and retrieve files from the user directory (X:\users\\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\), and using it from any storage device whose drive letter can change in every other moment, is a potential problem.

I ask, It is true? Is the Document Foundation, misleading its users to believe that the LibreOffice portable can be launch without a portable launcher? And specifically, with launcher?

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Platform vs Launcher

Like all our apps, LibreOffice Portable can run without the Platform. The platform does help you more easily download, install, upgrade, uninstaller, backup, and otherwise manage all your apps, but you can also use LibreOffice Portable directly by running LibreOfficePortable.exe from Windows Explorer or a third party menu.

The LibreOffice Portable launcher is called LibreOfficePortable.exe and is required to run LibreOffice portably. That's what handles keeping your settings portable. Sometimes people refer to menus like the Platform as a "launcher", but when I say that the launcher is required to run LibreOffice Portable portably, I'm referring to the Launcher file called LibreOfficePortable.exe included with LibreOffice Portable.

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