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TrueCrypt Launcher - Run as Administrator

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TrueCrypt Launcher - Run as Administrator

I know, I know... TrueCrypt is already portable. But it can NOT be run in traveller mode without administrative privileges.

So there is a way to launch it without switching accounts with right klick an run as... or via console "runas /user:USERNAME TrueCrypt.exe".

I know it's possible to do that with a batch, but first of all a batch isn't recognized by the portable apps menu and second i want it to start via autostart function.

It would be great if there was a launcher which asks for accountname and password for admin account and then launches TC with administrative privileges. If it was done with a mask or simply passed to the console wouldn't matter.

It wouldn't help making it truly portable (which isn't possible) but it would be a nice enhencement for people running their systems at home with limited user accounts.