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cdex PORTABLE for dummies

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cdex PORTABLE for dummies

Hallo and wellcome I am new at this forum.
I am really sad about the "CDExPortable_2.07_online.paf.exe " should make me a CD EX program for my windows 7 / 64.
I used that program before and I know I simply unpacked it from a ZIP archive so how I even understand "portable".
But dont know from where I got the old ZIP.
I searched the whole internet - all direct me to the cd ex homepage or provide that ...paf.exe.
Ok through thats not what I understand with "portable", I download it - different sources, the md5-sum is ok.
BUT Sad after running this exe it downloads some from the net AND tells me then ITS WRONG and cannot
be installed. Whats wrong? Can anybody help me.
Besides that - I searched the cdex homepage - found "support" and "forum" and so on but not impressum
nor any email to write nor an one use the "forum" (simply text written ny the user but no forum). May be I have
black sunday Sad

Last seen: 5 years 5 months ago
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hey, got the same message like here
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Hello alfware, your whole

Hello alfware, your whole internet must be too small for CDex (SCNR Blum ). The first google hit points to the CDex hompage:
Click Download and you find the portable zip of the latest version.

Here at you find the "real" portable format (explanation), but CDex uses an online installer - maybe for licensing reasons - and that's obviously not, what you expected. The paf format has many benefits, but in case of an online installer needs to download the original app and adjust some folder structure to make it work. If you just need the portable zip , you could rather fetch the zip from the CDex homepage. Be warned, that you could possibly loose some settings like paths and drive letters. Should be no big deal with CDex, though.
Sorry, my bad. Should have read more thoroughly. :rolleyes:
Seems, like the Zip-Version has been discontinued by the original developer. So the only way to get a working portable version (from pa.c) seems to be the online installer. As long as it's outdated, you have to wait... Biggrin

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