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Discord Portable 0.0.301 Dev Test 1

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Discord Portable 0.0.301 Dev Test 1

Continuing development from

Application: Discord Portable
Category: Internet
Description: Discord Portable is a portablized version of Discord, an all-in-one text and voice chat for gamers.

Download Discord Portable Dev Test 1 [48MB download / 147MB installed]
(MD5: 513d829b25dac2d0cea8d2dd4b2fed00)

Please report bugs/feature requests at:
Known issues are also included there.

Release Notes:

    0.0.301 Development Test 1 (2019-01-13):
  • Compiled app to match the PortableApps 3.5.2 Format.
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Почему дальше прогу не

Почему дальше прогу не обновляете ?


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потому что у нее есть свой апдейтер, она обновляется при старте

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