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New Forum Category needed

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New Forum Category needed

This platform/forum need some way to report outdated portableapps apps.
Please either
-create a section dedicated for this
-Implement a "Report Outdated" or "Comment" feature within each's apps main pages
or else way..

For instance.. I'd like to tell the "Explorer++" maintainer "(Mervyn Ashby)" that his port is outdated, but there's no way other than PM.. we need something more involving for the maintainter. Such a thing is a general reporting feature..

Advices,Inputs,etc.. all welcomed

Ken Herbert
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Already available and linked from numerous places

We already have the Outdated Official Portable Applications thread specifically designed for reporting new versions of officially released apps.

It can be found stickied at the top of the General Discussion forum, can be found at the bottom of the "Development" page, and is also linked in the text at the top every time you create a new forum thread where it says "App out of date?".

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