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I really enjoy you eraserDropPortable, thanks.
I have
it was win10pro
it had 120GB ssd

does it erase (delete and overwrite) files and folders from SSD in the same FUNCTIONALITY as it does from HDD's?

I've wondered this a while. My sister gave away a laptop to a friend but didn't want the stuff that she had deleted to go to friend.
So I advised her to you your program, it was on my USB stick, to just overwrite the free space and she'd be ok. But it was an ssd.
So then it started bothering me. You would know better than anyone.

English not primary language I'll restate in different way.'

Does EDP overwrite on all commands to overwrite on a solid state drive just like it does on hard disk drive? or does it just delete and we know that is recoverable?

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re: EraserDropPortable

For various technical reasons, file wipe on SSD is unreliable. It is much more efficient and secure to use file wipe software from the manufacturer, meaning if you have a Seagate device, look on their website for secure erase tools. If you're concerned about security, using an encryption program such as VeraCrypt, Bitlocker, or similar will help prevent file recovery and can help prevent other problems.

You can look up more on this topic here:

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