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Iron crashes on any page after last update

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Beris Bocker
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Iron crashes on any page after last update

I am getting the "Oh No" crash page after the latest Iron App Update on any page (even chrome://help/) I have tried to uninstall/ install and even manually removing files - nothing helped. Any idea?


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Iron 79.0.4100.0

I have the same issue with this version (79.0.4100.0) at my work machine and most likely security software is in conflict with Iron.
A few months ago we had the exact same issue at work with Chrome Enterprise 78 and it was because of our Symantec Endpoint Protection 14. OIT solved it with freezing updates to this version using GPO and by applying an (unknown to me) policy to SEP14 for affected machines.
Anyway, it's best to just rollback to previous version like I did and wait for next release.

as always, should any of the above seem greek to you, don't worry; it probably is...

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