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Google Chrome Portable Issue

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Google Chrome Portable Issue

Hello everyone:

I'm new to this forum and I'm having an issue with using Google Chrome portable. I don't know about everyone else but whenever I try to use the latest versions of Chrome portable (80.0.3987.106) it won't open and I get the following error message

"Google Chrome Portable cannot be started. You may wish to re-install to fix this issue. (ERROR: chrome.exe could not be found).

I never had an issue with the older version I am using (79.0.3945.79) I only have the above issue with the lastest versions.

I also noticed that the folder format is different in the newer versions of Chrome Portable. The older versions of Chrome portable only have 3 folders, App, Data and Other. The newer versions have 5 folders; $PLUGINSDIR, 7Ztemp, App, Data and Other.

I DON'T have this issue with the Opera Portable just the Chrome Portable. Why can't I use chrome portable anymore and how do I fix this?

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.