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[Fixed] Weird links in latest apps and news

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[Fixed] Weird links in latest apps and news

I noticed that you get very weird links on the latest apps and news site when you are not logged in with your user on

When you are logged in, everthing looks fine.
On the main page you click on "Latest apps and news..."

You click through the news pages and you see the right links

and so on. Thats ok.

But when you do the same when you are not logged in, you start to see very weird links, like the site is hacked:

While the links look weird, you still get to the right news page. but i wonder whats happening here.

John T. Haller
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Drupal Views Quirk

Turns out there's a quirk of Drupal Views where it will cache the last thing that was provided as its pager display. As you can provide extra variables it displays things through whatever server or cacher was requesting at the time it was cached. As long as you set the View to send a 404 when oddball stuff is sent to it, it prevents this behavior. So it's been set now. Thanks for the heads up.

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