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K-Meleon Browser Forum Mentions

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K-Meleon Browser Forum Mentions

I've recently been reading a learning a little about the K-Meleon web browser.

While educating myself about it, I came across some mentions of the version on the official K-Meleon forums:,148500,page=17

Regarding the version available on, one frequent poster (maybe a K-Meleon contributor, I don't know), wrote: "Nothing that isn't here [on] or in the roytam's site is the version it pretends."

Given the history of being very upstanding (and outstanding!), I'm guessing this is not true.

It's possible that someone here may find it worthy to communicate on that forum to ensure that false information is not being spread.

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Current Version, Official Donation Link

We package the current version as posted by the publisher and have for 4 years now. It's contained in K-MeleonPortable\App\K-Meleon. The only change is where the default profile is kept via the profile.ini file so it's contained within the Data directory for easy backups and resets. It is otherwise unmodified. Our launcher adjusts paths within the extensions.ini, extensions.json, and prefs.js as well as cleaning up some local directories left behind. The link we include in the app and on the app's homepage for donating to K-Meleon is their official one.

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