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Portable Apps luancher and U3 software

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Portable Apps luancher and U3 software

Can I run software from the U3 homesite from the portable apps luancher?

Just curious becuase they have games and other things not here yet- curious if I could get them onto this luancher.

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Not sure about your question,

please elaborate.

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U3 programs without U3 Drive

He want to know if he can download software from the U3 site,, and install it on the PAM so he can run it from a traditional drive without U3.

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It would be awesome if

It would be awesome if someone installed PAM on a U3 drive and was able to run U3 programs on it...

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so that's a no?

so that's a no?

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I don't think it would be

I don't think it would be possible...some of the apps from the u3 site are really just zip files with the file extension changed, but most of them couldn't be extracted and run from another device

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Auto Run PortApps and U3 Simutaneously

I have had my 1st usb flash drive about 20hours now and am playing with tweaks and settings for U3. I ran across PortApps in my learning about all of this.

I don't know if anyone is interested in this tweak or setting but here goes. I installed Portapps basic (so far). U3 has a program called Xtraveller(program launcher app).

So I added the PortApps start menu to the Xtraveller. I set U3, Xtraveller, and PortApps to all auto launch when usb flash stick is inserted. I also set Xtraveller and PortApps to minimize on launch.

The result is (after inserting my usb flash stick) I have both Xtravller and PortApps sitting neatly in my systray, ready for use with out one single click of my mouse. I can then launch either Portapps or U3 apps at will from my systray.

Being a new user, that was fun to try and see it work. I see a need/want for both at this point, because they each have different portable programs to offer.

I did try the PackageFactory program as mentioned in this forum, it converted a program as promised to U3 format with no problem. I look forward to a program that will convert programs to the PortApps format. I like its start menu much better than the U3 launchpad so far.

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Instead of XTraveller you

Instead of XTraveller you might want to look at PStart or ASuite.

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