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IobitUninstaller a Potentially Unwanted App and PUP ?

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IobitUninstaller a Potentially Unwanted App and PUP ?

Microsoft Defender Antivirus's App control feature called 'Protection History'
detected IobitUninstaller as a "potentially unwanted app" (PUA).
In addition to the Antivirus detection, a link within 'Protection History' reported the following:
PUA:Win32/DriverBooster on Microsoft's Security Intelligence page

Loading the file directory (below) on VirusTotal, four Antivirus programs detected IobitUninstaller as unsafe or unwanted and as either a PUA / PUP by DrWeb, ESET, K7 antivirus, and Sophos

The following is copied and pasted from Windows File Explorer:

(Note the misspelling of the word 'Uninstaler' just before the exe extension)

Searching this forum didn't find a post where an Antivirus program detected IobitUninstaller as PUA / PUP.
the search performed wasn't exhaustive however - dating back only to mid 2018

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Base App / Antivirus Issue

Unfortunately, due to some bundling by the publisher, this is the way it is in some antivirus apps. That's what 'potentially unwanted' means. The portable version, like all of our software, does not include any bundleware.

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