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Firefox ESR installs well in WindowsXP but just exits with no error message

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Firefox ESR installs well in WindowsXP but just exits with no error message

I just got the FirefoxPortableESR_78.5.0_English.paf.exe file and the files and installed on my ancient Sony laptop that is running Windows XP (last updated edition). The PortableApps installs well and shows me the FireFox app inside the list. I run it (both as user and as administrator) , it puts up the Firefox splash screen then exits with no error message. I have asked that errors go to the "log file" but I cannot find the location of the log file.

Is there some magic setting to get it to run on WindowsXP?

I have twice deleted the PortableApps directory and the FireforPortableESR directories and started over. Just installing the FireforPortableESR by itself does not give me the PortableApps login, but it does run Firefow and gives me the splash screen and exits.
I am trying to run a version of FireFox that allows me to see web sites that do NOT have proper encryption ( is one).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Unsupported Windows Version

The last version of Firefox that supports Windows XP is 52.9.0 on the ESR branch. You can obtain it here:

Please note that like Windows XP, this version of Firefox is no longer supported and has known security vulnerabilities.

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