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Emails marked as deleted

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Emails marked as deleted

Hello Forum-Members!

Since few weeks I'm using Thunderbird parallel to Outlook, so I can read easily my emails if I'm on my way and don't have Outlook at my side.
The Email-Connection is over IMAP, so i only mark emails as deleted. In Outlook I can select that this emails will not be shown in the folders. Is there also such an option in Thunderbird? What do I have to do?

Thanks for your answers!

John T. Haller
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General Questions

General Thunderbird questions (not specific to the portable version) are best asked over at after you've done a Google search, of course. This forum is more for questions about Thunderbird Portable.

Personally, I don't know. I keep it set to move em to the Trash folder when I delete. Mark as deleted always seemed counter-intuitive and annoying to me (which is probably while all major mail clients now default to move to trash).

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