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Failed to create new mail accounts in TBP

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Failed to create new mail accounts in TBP

I am a IT professional from Germany and using Portable Thunderbird on my 2nd hard disk drive, because I am testing software for my company and have to restore my complete system partition from time to time. (I work with the Paragon Software btw. but thats not the point Smile )
I have got about 8 standard mail accounts and tried many times to add new accounts to Thunderbird Portable.
After finishing the account setup, Thunderbird showed the proper account settings, but had not created the profile paths and the accounts, so there are no subfolders like inbox, outbox etc. available. The profile path setting is empty.

How can I create a new functional account? Is it a known bug of the portable version?
I can install Thunderbird "normal version" and then create the account, copy it to TBP and it works, but thats not an easy way, doing it.

I hope you can help me, else i have to change my mailing software and my Thunderbird is so well functioning by any other means. I even integrated Sunbird/Lightning and got it to synchronize with my 2nd PC running in company network with Outlook 2002. And I am working with TB since first Version (I think it was 0.something). Plus i will have to migrate about 2500 mails and about 250 calendar items...

Thanks for your affords. And many excuses for my not so good english.

Best wishes,
Markus Walz

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I never had this problem

Did you try downloading a fresh copy and installing it over the existing one?
You can use the menu for that and none of your settings will be overwritten.

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Re: I never had this problem

I work with the newest Thunderbird version, which was installed via autoupdate. But I try to copy the newest TBP over the existing one.
Report will follow tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

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