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Eraser Portable and Admin privileges

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Eraser Portable and Admin privileges

Eraser Portable requires admin privileges for many of its functions. Is there a way to set the Portable Apps Platform to always run Eraser as admin?

Yes, you can right-click and specify "Run as Admin" when you launch Eraser from PAP, but I forget to do that if I haven't used Eraser in a while. What winds up happening is that I set everything up in Eraser, and then try to run the tasks. It then fails due to lack of privileges. Then I have to restart Eraser as Admin, and redo all my work. (The gets compounded by this bug: )

Another option would be to warn the user if they launch Eraser Portable without Admin privileges, and ask if they want to escalate permissions.

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No Plans

There are no plans to implement such a feature at present. You can recompile the launcher if you'd like it to always use admin.

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