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[Fixed] Google Chrome Dev 91.0.4455.2 signed incorrectly

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John T. Haller
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[Fixed] Google Chrome Dev 91.0.4455.2 signed incorrectly

The initial release of Google Chrome Dev 91.0.4455.2 has an installer that was accidentally signed with the wrong key. It was re-posted with the correct one soon after. The original post has an MD5 of a3100301b5517bdd304ab09f87b5624e and an SHA256 of d7ebb9f1cc08e74bb7c651a1ddb0face512ad5e71736be5ef40ced5bddf1ec6b. Other than the installer signature, both packages are identical, including the correct signature on the GoogleChromePortable.exe launcher. If you were automatically update to either the original package or the updated one via the PA.c Platform, you're fine.