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Google Chrome binaries download

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Google Chrome binaries download

Decided to post as I was unable to find a post or page with the proper information. If this has been answered elsewhere I'd much appreciate a link to that forum post or webpage.

We're currently in need of old chrome versions that still support Adobe Flash to provide management for servers and services. As such we're trying to do due diligence to prevent a possible compromise— we know it's best to to use the latest versions of software but in this case it is unavoidable.

I see PortableApps makes all previous downloads available here :

These are online installers so you are downloading the PAF installer, which in turn downloads the actual chrome binaries from elsewhere. This is where I'm running into issues. Are these binaries being downloaded from PortableApps servers, Google servers, or elsewhere? I'd like to find out from one of the developers before I have to break out packet sniffers to find out.

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From Google

All of our online installers download the base app installer from the official source, so in this case from Google's servers.

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