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NVDA 2020.4 Portable Dev Test 1

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NVDA 2020.4 Portable Dev Test 1

This app has been released:

Application: NVDA
Category: Accessibility
Licensce: Open Source (source code)
Description: Fast, easy and free multilingual screen reader

Download NVDA Portable 2020.4 Dev Test 1 [24MB download / 122MB installed]
MD5: 11bad3cbf51bcff62b0f750a9d1d6a0c
SHA256: cf3e89c091b2f05c1a99bc7a9250c56a18896ae9917de1c429ffde05bca1fab7
Clean VirusTotal scan

I'm keen to get this officially released to help folks in need of a screen reader on the go. Please give this a test and report back. We could even expand this with other languages via translators if it's successful.

Release Notes:

2020-06-06: 2020.4 Dev Test 1: Updated to latest release, custom code to detect locked DLLs on exit, ask the user whether to ignore, suggest closing affected apps, and offer to restart Windows Explorer to free them