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Portable Apps Platform Installer Corrupted

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Thomas Bass
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Portable Apps Platform Installer Corrupted

Hello my name is Thomas,
I have a small issue, I am running on Portable apps platform 17.1.1. Last night I ran two different apps on my installer and they were Clam Win Free Antivirus portable app as well as, App Compactor 3.5 Utility to compress applications. After they were both run I reallized one of the 2 corrupted my Installer. I am thinking clam win was the culprit that corrupted my installer. That was a mistake that has been learned the hard way. I also noticed that my updater is no longer working. Is it possible for me to download the latest platform update 18.0.1 without losing all of my programs. I believe it can be done manually just not sure if I will lose everything. And if so how? Or do we have an installer repair tool at our disposal? If not this would be the perfect scenario for needing one. I tried right clicking on the Installer but I am running windows 10 Pro and I only get the option to check compatibility, I do not get the option to repair. Thank you ahead of time and please have a great day.

John T. Haller
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Compactor Breaks Installers

The App Compactor breaks NSIS files that check for a hash, so all the FirefoxPortable.exe and similar launchers and all paf.exe installers. Please read the app notes for full details:

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