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Update OpenShot Portable to 2.6.0

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Update OpenShot Portable to 2.6.0

Hi Everybody!

Hoping you are all good and healthy Wink

Could you please update current version to the new one, posted in the subject ?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer Smile


p.s.: the request comes cause they did a huge amazing update compared to the previous one:

Exciting new AI and computer vision effects, snapping and transform improvements, better performance, with tons of bug fixes and quality of life changes! The highlights include:

- New AI Effects
- Stabilization
- Motion Tracking
- Object Detection
- New Audio Effects
- Compressor
- Distortion
- Noise
- Parametric EQ
- Robotization
- Whisperization
- New Zoom Slider Tool
- Improved Performance
- Threading & CPU
- Improved Transform Tool
- Auto Transform Enabled
- Custom Cursors
- Keyframable Origin Point (Shear and Rotation)
- Zoom In/Out Video Preview
- Improved Snapping
- Improved Video Effects
- New Caption Effect (VTT & SubRip)
- Color-separated Saturation
- New Parentable Keyframes
- Updated effect icons
- Emojis (OpenMoji)
- Quality of Life Improvements
- Ability to Import *.osp Projects as Clips
- WebEngine & WebKit Support
- FFmpeg 4 Support
- Faster timeline ruler rendering / more precision
- Rotation improvements and EXIF metadata support
- Updated Blender support
- Faster file importing
- Bug Fixes
- Incorrect PTS (blank first frame)
- Audio pops & crackles
- Audio division across frames
- Improved video caching
- Improved alpha video support
- Title editor font size fixes
- stdout/stderr redirection
- Improved Infrastructure
- Chrome OS Support (Chromebooks)
- Expanded Unit Tests
- GitHub Actions replaced Travis CI
- Faster Builds (multi-threaded)
- New Mac, Windows, and Linux Build Servers
- Mac Notarization
- Release Automation
- Improved Error Detection
- Improved AppImage Compatibility
- Display of accurate version info (from build server)
- Translation Improvements (separate templates)
- Emojis, Transitions, Blender, General
- Updated translations
- Documentation Improvements
- Updated credits & contributors

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Outdated Apps Thread

You can report out of date apps and track their progress in the Outdated Apps Thread here:

In the future, you can find this linked from the Development and Support sections as well as a notice at the top of the page when creating a forum thread.

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A big thanks!

Cheers John!

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