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How to disable Portable Firefox password saving?

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How to disable Portable Firefox password saving?

Hi all

We are using portable firefox to login a webapp. We have many users on same computer and they do not want to keep their login informations (username and password). But firefox is always asking to save it and user may select "Yes" accidentially.

How can we disable or enable Password Saving?

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Adjust the Settings

The place to look in Firefox is (menu) Tools > Settings > Privacy & Security > Logins and Passwords

If you can't see the Menu Bar right-click on an empty tab area (do not click on a tab) and select Menu Bar.

Alternatively, on the keyboard press either the Alt key or the F10 key and the Menu Bar will be temporarily displayed to use.

Edit: See this page for more detailed information:

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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