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Backup feature request

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Backup feature request

I have a feature request for the portable apps backup utility. Could an option be added to backup the data to an encrypted archive format please?

The premise for this is that my USB key is encrypted. My files are backed up at work on a centralised system however and the place where I store my backups is not encrypted. It would be handy if I could archive the back-up data in an encrypted form without having to encrypt the file manually each time. I realise that it's probably not going to come high on the priority list, but I'd be very happy if an 'encryption' tick box appeared in a release one day.

Sorry if this is not the right place to post such a feature request, but I couldn't easily find a better place.


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Just a thought

Maybe this could be done more easily when Toucan is included, cause Toucan has an encryption feature.
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pms549 (not verified)
Sounds great

Well, the current backup utility already offers a 7z compression format option, and 7-zip already supports encryption:
So, although I am not a developer, I imagine that extending the existing functionality would be pretty easy too.

I found the PortableApps Toucan thread, and just checked out the Liberta PUSS page:

I haven't tried out the actual app yet, but it sounds pretty good. I use Microsoft SyncToy at the moment for doing my synchronisation. I'd love to have a portable, non-microsoft alternative that I can trust. If the the Toucan app can do it, I'd be very happy. I look forward to its official release.


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The release may be delayed by Steve's "real world" commitments, such as his exams.
Ryan McCue.
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I'm just waiting for John Wink


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What I would recommend is to

What I would recommend is to make an encrypted archive with 7-zip Portable.

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