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Portuguese Localization(s)

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Portuguese Localization(s)

Advice on Portuguese Localization(s)

There is no real reason to maintain two versions of Portuguese
- Portuguese (Portugal)
- Portuguese (Brazil)
thruout either the platform or any of the portable Apps.

As of January, 2016 both forms are equally normalized orthographies between
- Portugal
- Brazil
- Cape Verde
and more Portuguese speaking countries.

Check it out on:

Best regards,
Nuno (Portuguese living in Brazil)

John T. Haller
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Which is Closer? Other apps?

According to the wikipedia entry, it would seem that PortugueseBr is closer than Portuguese, but do you have a sense for which of our localizations of the platform is closer?

Any thoughts (from you or others) on what to do with apps that continue to make this distinction? For example, Firefox makes both Portugal/Europe and Brazilian variants available, which are separate packages. LibreOffice has Angola, Brazil, and Portugal variants included. Are these simply legacy versions or are they available for folks who are more comfortable with what they are used to vs what a committee finalized in 2016?

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Gord Caswell
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not fully implemented

It's also important to keep in mind that, according to that wikipedia link, only 3 of 9 Portuguese-speaking countries have fully implemented the change, although others are in the process of doing so. Asa result, it may be necessary to keep multiple translations in place to handle those variations.

With that being said, Portugal and Brazil are using the same orthography, it appears.

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Some differences

Please, allow me to contribute to the conversation, as a Brazilian who loves to learn languages...

There are some differences between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese indeed.

(I ask for the understanding of those who do not speak Portuguese, because I will give some examples of different words in both countries, differences that go far beyond the English "Color/Colour", for instance.)

In the computer subject, there are plenty of different words. I will write some of them I've seen at XnView (it always run in pt-pt, not pt-br, no matter how I set it up, so I've got used to use it in pt-pt).
Brazil: mouse, tela, arquivo, salvar, aspecto (da seleção), grade, girar (imagem), centralizado, inicializar etc.
Portugal: rato, ecrã, ficheiro, guardar, rácio (da seleção), grelha, rodar (imagem), centrado. arrancar etc.
English: mouse, screen, file, save, (selection) ratio, grid, rotate (image), centered, boot etc.

Some of words sounds quite the same, as "centralizado/centrado" or even "grid/grelha", but European Portuguese words "ecrã", "rato" and "arrancar" will sound a little awkward or funny to Brazilians (and I think Portugueses will laugh with some Brazilian words too).

It's not impossible to a Brazilian understand a European Portuguese computer text, but it doesn't sound natural. A general text can be far more difficult (just think as "cueca" is used to male underpants on Brazil and female underpants on Portugal).

Some programs may have bigger differences than XnView ones.

A small list of "computer word differences" can be seen at and a bigger list of general words can be read at . The biggest list I've found is at

PS: I've never said nor intended to say that Brazilian Portuguese is better than European or vice versa. In fact, I hate the word Brazilians use for "save" ("salvar") and other mistranslations Brazilians do as "deletar" for "delete" (only spoken, not written), or even not translating some words at all ("mouse", "laptop", "webcam"). I just think Brazil and Portugal have some striking and irreconcilable differences in the language.

Best regards,

RaphaelRB - Brazil

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