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LibreOffice Portable 7.3.2 not starting on Windows 11

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Strange Problem...
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LibreOffice Portable 7.3.2 not starting on Windows 11

I downloaded LibreOfficePortable_7.3.2_MultilingualAll.paf.exe and installed it to a folder AppsPortable\LibreOffice
The installation was successful, but after that none of the applications can execute - all of them start and terminate immediately. I didn't expect such a strange problem. I didn't have that problem with LibreOfficePortable_7.3.1_MultilingualAll.paf.exe
Also, I installed LibreOffice by downloading LibreOffice_7.3.3_Win_x64.msi from and it works OK, but it is a regular installation (not portable). I have Windows 11 on my computer. I hope that when releases LibreOfficePortable 7.3.3 it will work normally under Windows 11.

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Fine Here, More Details

I just installed a fresh copy of LibreOffice Portable 7.3.2 Multilingual All to the Desktop directory in a clean Windows 11 virtual machine. It works without issue. Please include more details including the full install path and language selected during install as well as whether you selected to remove unused languages. Also please try installing a fresh copy to your Desktop directory to see if it works on its own.

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