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Microsoft Compliance

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Microsoft Compliance

My employer has now implemented a Microsoft check to ensure that we only run an up-to-date and supported browser. The portable apps version of Firefox fails this check. The alert message states that Chrome, Edge and Firefox are supported apps and that Firefox needs to be newer than version 91.
However I checked help in the version of Portable Firefox that I have and it states it is at version 103.0.1. It shouldn't fail the check therefore as far as I can tell.
So to verify I installed the full-fat Firefox I checked and this is also at 103.0.1 and sure enough it passes the test and will load successfully. Has anyone encountered this before? Is there a workaround to get the portable apps version to work with Microsoft checks?
Thanks in advance.

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RE: Microsoft Compliance

Is it the Firefox executable within the portable app that is failing the check or is it the launcher for the portable app?
If it's the latter, unfortunately you'll probably be out of luck. It is likely that the check is checking the publisher of the signed executables for any that match with an allowed list.
The firefox.exe that gets run by the launcher should pass, but the launcher itself would fail (as is neither Google, Microsoft nor Mozilla)
I know that's not exactly how the check works, but it should suffice for an explanation.
Someone else will be able to explain it better than I have.

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I am having this problem and

I am having this problem and it is firefox.exe, that is blocked. I get a 0x800700E1, stating that firefox.exe either contains a virus or is unwanted software. Is there a workaround?

Just tested with the official setup file from Mozilla, I get the same message.

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