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Iridium Browser Portable

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Iridium Browser Portable


Download portable:

I take this for a portable version of Chromium which I use as a "standard browser" in Windows and install it seperately
likely to: D:\ProgPortable\Internet\Iridium\

OpenSource and Libre.
It is far more better IMHO than "Iron Browser" concerning security / privacy issues which once was on Microsofts browser choicing list.
No commercial issues.
Branded by developers whose only concerns are privacy and security.
More secure and lean than ungoogled Chromium. - No hardware ID
Compatible with chromium plugins nore than for example does Vivaldi.

Only to be updated about twice a year, but cause of its security adjustments this doesn't really care.
No in situ update - but that is a favor.

HTH and Greetings

Edit: Typos
Edit2: Differences between Iridium and Chromium:
Edit3: it might not to be included in the PortableApss platform due to security reasons. Sad to say that, but a matter of fact.