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Platform still slow to load even from SSD

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john errington
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Platform still slow to load even from SSD

A follow up to this topic:

I have installed the portable apps platform with some loaded apps on a Thinkpad T470S which has an i5 processor and 256G SSD.

I've disabled the checks for updates, and "thinned down" the entries so the whole folder is less than 2G including apps.
The first time I open the platform after logging on to my PC it takes a while to load - typically about 20m seconds.
I have the same application loaded on other PC's - all in c:/portable apps/portable/ and all on SSD's and all show the same behaviour.

Yet on another PC the app opens almost immediately - about 1 second.

Has anyone found the reason for this yet?

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Same Issue

I have the same problem. When I use platform on my pc at home it is slow to load up. But my work pc and laptop, it is almost instant. My home pc has higher specs than my work pc. What setting do I need to change so it loads the same as at work?

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