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Latest Frhed is in the WinMerge

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Latest Frhed is in the WinMerge

There is forks in the Frhed of the Hex editor. But Frhed is a fork of WinMerge. It appears to be returning to its official repository.

  • Sourceforge (2009):

Currently, Portable Apps is making this version into portable. Version 1.6.0 and alpha version 1.7.1. Translation files in 3 languages are available.

The "Source Code Repository" link is no longer available. (link to ) In addition, the sourceforge page of the Frhed links to WinMerge. Looking at the History section, it appears to be a derivative from WinMerge's editor feature. The WinMerge's code was merged into the original Frhed.

Readme.txt describes:

> Big refactoring merge from WinMerge, including: move most of the editor code to heksedit.dll which can be embedded in other programs

  • WinMerge/frhed (GitHub, 2022 current) :

I recommend that you update to this version of WinMerge. It's from fork of . On bitbucket, the above kimmov source was forked and development continued. It is possible that the WinMerge developers were familiar with Frhed that should fork. So it would seem that WinMerge has put this back on GitHub. Translation files in 8 languages are available.

Note: All updated versions are available on a single release page. Please expand "Assets" section.

  • WinMerge Japanese bundled version (2015) : (Japanese: WinMerge日本語版のFrhed)

It seems to have been bundled with the old WinMerge Japanese version. However, due to the multilingualization of WinMerge, there is currently no difference between WinMerge Japanese version and WinMerge. This author, Takashi Sawanaka, is continuing development on the above WinMerge/frhed. Takashi Sawanaka is also the lead developer of WinMerge. This latest version can be considered the above GitHub version.

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Updated, thanks for the heads up

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